Angel Ghastin

The person I would nominate for the Golden Apple Award is Mrs. Ghastin at Elk Valley Elementary School. I chose Mrs. Ghastin because she is always up for learning and she makes learning fun and challenging. When I walk into her class she is always smiling. She always seems excited about what we're going to do. If there's anyone at EVES that deserves the Golden Apple Award it would be Mrs. Ghastin.

My favorite thing to do in Mrs. Ghastin's class is social studies. I like social studies because I love learning about the past. We get to make posters and graphic organizers to learn new information. We also get to play review games.

While social studies is my favorite subject, my favorite activity in Mrs. Ghastin's class is the online book club she created. She has us answer questions online or we visit other websites to find information to post on her website. She also has us do worksheets like picking what character you act like or look like, or you have to bring in items that describe you. Another thing she has us do is look at the book trailers or interviews. That's why I like the book club the most in Mrs. Ghastin's class.

Mrs. Ghastin has always been there for me when I need help. When I see her smile she makes me feel happy inside and out. She is the best teacher I have ever had. That's why I would nominate Mrs. Ghastin for the Golden Apple Award.

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