Golden Apple Award 11/29/2017 - Jerry Anderson

Think what life would be like without music.  It's a good reason to appreciate music teachers.  Tonight, Lou Baxter does just that in Millcreek with this week's Golden Apple Award.

For 30 years Jerry Anderson has been teaching music in Millcreek Township Schools, but his career only took off after first trying two other majors in college.  So, why music?  "I think it was probably my family.  My mother was always singing.  We were always listening to music and dancing in our house as I was growing up.  I had an opportunity to get involved with music in school and from there, I learned that passion from my music teacher and  haven't lost it."

He continues to inspire young musicians like this week's student nominator, Cameron Harvey, now a drummer at McDowell High School.  "Mr. Anderson teaches us about music every day, but then, he also teaches how to take that information and bring to all the other areas of our lives.  He affects my entire life, not just the way I play music."

And, Anderson is grateful to be one of many who shapes young minds.  "We don't teach music, we teach students.  My passion happens to be music.  We have a lot of fine teachers that teach students how to become decent people, good citizens, to enjoy life and enjoy other people."
Dr. Mary Jo Melvin of Edinboro University says, "I'm so impressed with this gentleman, there's so many good things going on in that classroom".

Congratulations, Mr. Jerry Anderson, this week's JET24 Edinboro University Golden Apple Award Winner.  To nominate your favorite teacher, click here and fill out the nomination form at the bottom of the page.

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