Golden Apple Award

Golden Apple Awards 11/22/2017 - Hannah Evans

A would-be medical doctor is this week's JET 24 Edinboro University Golden Apple Award winning school teacher.  Lou Baxter tells us more about her from Waterford. 

Hannah Evans is a Fort LeBoeuf High School Biology and Environmental Science Teacher who didn't go to college to be a teacher.  She says, "I went to be a doctor, but I'm teaching biology now which I think is extremely rewarding...  these are all my patients that I'm making really healthy by encouraging them to learn about science."

With environmental issues regularly in the headlines, Ms. Evans feels compelled to engage her students any way she can.  "I know I'm passionate about the subject, which I feel extends right into my students.  It's engaging for them to learn and go out in the community and be involved in the environment".  

This week's student nominator, Madeline Dawson, says her teacher has been a game-changer in helping chart her future.  "I wanted to be an aerospace engineer and build planes and stuff, but she totally changed my direction, and it helped because I found something I have a passion for and really enjoy it".  

Dr. Mary Jo Melvin of Edinboro University says, "here, we have a teacher who is almost giving them a hidden message that you can be anything you want. If you have the passion and are determined to work hard, you can be it".

If you know a teacher worthy of Golden Apple Award like Hannah Evans, click here and fill out the nomination form at the bottom of the page. 

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