Julie Moore

I would like to nominate Miss Julie Moore for the Golden Apple Award because of her dedication and her love for the children.  I strongly believe she is an inspiration to mine and my child?s life.  Not only is she a fantastic teacher she plays the guitar for a band called Tennessee Back Porch.  My son, Logan, was with Julie last year but missed most of the school year because of dislocation of the left hip.  He didn?t get to do too much, but this year he is with Julie again and now he has made so much progress.  He can now tell you his full name, numbers from 1-10 and talk in a complete sentence.  He loves going to school because he can be with Miss Julie.  She is very caring, inspirational, and dedicated teacher.  I have noticed a big difference in my son since he is with Julie.  She plays guitar every Tuesday for her class.  Having music is such an inspiration to the children.  My son just loves music now.  She also writes me notes everyday on what my son has done for the day, and he now comes home from school and tells me what he did.  Miss Julie is just an amazing teacher, I couldn?t be happier to have with my son.  Please approve my request for the Golden Apple Award not just for her but for my son and her hard and dedicated work.

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