Laurie Swenson

I would like to ask that my teacher Mrs. Swenson be nominated for the golden apple award because I think she is the best teacher ever.  She helps all of us learn all the hard things we need to know for third grade, and sometimes it can be really confusing. Third grade don't seem to be too much for older people but it is really tough at times for us, and Mrs. Swenson always takes the extra time to try and help us to understand.  Our school started a new way of doing math and it is really hard and sometimes and Mrs. Swenson plays math games with us to help us have a fun way to learn our lessons. I also have a problem with my Brain.  It falls asleep on me sometimes.  I have a seizure disorder and I get really confused. After I have one, Mrs. Swenson always is very helpful to me whenever it happens. What ever I need she makes sure I get it, weather it is going to the nurse or just reexplaining something to me. Sometimes I get upset and worry about having a seizure and Mrs. Swenson calms me down and tells me not to worry that if I have one we will take care of it then, That always makes me feel better. Every morning I walk into class and she always is there with a pretty smile.  Mrs. Swenson is not just our third grade teacher, she is our friend.

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