Meet Julie Sierota

Julie Sierota deserves The Golden Apple Award because she is an excellent teacher and person. She has challenged both my sons to become great readers by boosting their confidence, showing patience, and working with them one or one or in a small group. I feel that she truly teaches the saying "everything you need to know, you'll learn in kindergarten." She does this by teaching the kids how to read, write and especially be of good character. Through her example, the kids learn about fairness, respect, kindness, responsibility, friendship and hard work. My son enjoyed and learned so much last year, that I requested her again for for my son this year. She also shows the kids that how learning is fun and worthwhile through many hands on activities, sharing ideas and games. Miss Sierota is also a wonderful communicator. She sends home weekly newsletters to parents informing us on what the class is learning and how we can help them in each subject area. She responds to parents questions immediately and offers help. She has also called me at home to let me know about a bullying incident at school and how my son responded appropriately when faced with a conflict. It is so nice to know there are special teachers that care so much about our young children's growth emotionally, socially and academically. The kids that leave her room at the end of the year have been given a wonderful beginning and a seed of knowledge that they will continue to nurture beyond kindergarten.

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