Robert Ludwig

Mr. Ludwig teaches my English class currently. He is a great teacher that all of his student love. He is very fun in class and makes people want to learn. He gives us a lot of work in class, that has helped us prepare for more extensive classes. If he knows you have a problem at home or somewhere else he is more than willing to talk to you about it. He keeps up with what happens in the school and he talks to the students about their issues. He always has kids that have moved on to other grades that always come to visit him, for advice, or help on other assignments. Almost everyone in the school knows that they can always come talk to Mr. Ludwig if it is needed. He is not afraid to tell us his thoughts on things, and his views on life, which is nice because most teachers do not interact with their students at all. He makes sure a student feels important and makes sure they are not too overwhelmed with school or other issues. If he thinks something is wrong with another student he will talk to them to see if there is a problem that is bothering and he will try his best to help them without getting too involved. Most teachers will grade writing assignments and they will just put the student?s total score on student?s work, but Mr. Ludwig, will write out an explanation on why he is taking point off of your essay so you understand the errors you made, and so you can improve your work for a later time. Over all, I think Mr. Ludwig is the perfect teacher to win the ?Golden Apple Award?, because he is one of the best teachers a school could hire.

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