Susan Nolan

I would like to nominate Mrs. Nolan for the Golden Apple Award because to me she has been a teacher who has gone above and beyond to make sure I have learned in her classes. I have had Mrs. Nolan for several math classes in high school but she has taken time to help me understand how to do some problems even if I have not had her as my teacher. This to me is what makes her stand out as an exceptional teacher. She has helped guide me towards my goal of highering my education by going into engineering without her wisdom and knowledge and patience I don?t think I would be headed where I am today. She has always told me it is ok if you don?t get it now we will work on it and you will get it. So when i have doubted myself on my ability she has always been there for me and helped me to become a better student.  Mrs. Nolan is a very important part of our school because she is always available to the students not just the kids who have her in class but to any student who comes to her for help. In my four years of high school I have witnessed Mrs. Nolan help with many student activities she truly cares about her students and it is displayed everyday in her actions. I know that even though I am graduating and leaving Seneca I can always come back to Mrs. Nolan if I need help she is just that type of teacher and I am truly grateful that she chose to become a teacher because she is truly one of the best I have had. Thank you for your time and consideration. Robert

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