Health Report 3/27/13 High blood pressure

March 27th, 2013

For the first time there's a procedure that's zapping away high blood pressure.

Author, garden enthusiast and art collector, Carl Youngberg, says: "I break for chandeliers, and you can't have too many!"

Carl Youngberg has many titles. Including one he'd like to drop, high blood pressure patient. He's lived with the condition since he was nine years old.
Carl, "I've had it forever!"

Medications have failed to control it, so Carl enrolled in a clinical trial to test renal denervation.

David L. Brown, MD, Co-director of Cardiovascular Research, The Heart Hospital at Baylor University, Plano, TX., says: "This is the first change in 100 years in the treatment of high blood pressure."

The idea is to target overactive renal nerves that can cause blood pressure to soar. The nerves transmit information from the kidneys to the brain. Doctors insert a needle into an artery in the groin near the kidneys and burn the nerves. The result ... Cara East, MD, cardiologist/endocrinologist, Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital, "We take off some of that overdrive, and people feel better. And their blood pressure drops, on average, 30 points."

So far it seems to be most effective for people with resistant high blood pressure, like Carl. Because he's in a double-blind trial, Carl doesn't know if he received the therapy, but he's hopeful.

Carl, "I'd like to find normal to be honest with you. A new normal for me would be wonderful."

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