Health Report 4/14/13 Helping Men Stay Fertile

April 14th, 2013

Millions of couples suffer from infertility. While many people tend to think of it as being a problem with the woman, at least 50-percent of the time it's because of the man!  Today's Health Report has more on what guys should stop doing to help fight infertility.

Anita Hansen, had trouble conceiving, says: "Family has always been important to both Jason and I.  So we've always, you know, wanted to have a family of our own."

But Anita and Jason could not get pregnant.

Anita, "I was tested first through my OB-GYN and had various tests and stuff done, and then afterwards, they asked Jason if he could get tested."

Doctor Sherman Silber is one of the leading infertility specialists in the country.  He says a number of issues can cause male infertility.

Sherman Silber, M.D., Infertility Ctr. of St. Louis, says: "It can also be caused by having mumps after puberty, or by a hernia repair that the child had, or you can have an infection, an STD that can result in scarring with blockage."

The Mayo Clinic says stress can reduce sperm.  The CDC reports cocaine and marijuana can lower the count too.  From high fevers to saunas to hot tubs, overheating the testicles can hurt fertility.  And watch where you put that laptop guys.  A study found they can overheat the testicles in minutes, and protective pads do not prevent it from happening! Jason's issue was something he's had all his life.

Jason Hansen, had trouble conceiving, says: "I was born without vas deferens tubes."

An outpatient procedure helped extract his sperm.  The couple got pregnant on their first round of in vetro fertilization.  Now, they're expecting twin boys!

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