Health Report 6/05/13 Testing your blood pressure IQ

June 6th, 2013

About one in three Americans has high blood pressure, and nearly one-third doesn't know it.
There's a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to this common condition.
In today's Health Report we test your blood pressure IQ.

It can sneak up on you.
"My blood pressure was out of control!"

Or become a life-long problem.
"I've had it forever."

High blood pressure comes in many forms.

David L. Brown, MD, Director of Interventional Cardiology and Co-director of CV Research at the Heart Hospital at Baylor in Plano, Texas says: "There are a billion people in the world that have hypertension, high blood pressure."

But how much do you know about this common problem? Fact or fiction: You need to monitor both arms when measuring blood pressure.
True. A British study found differences in blood pressure between left and right arms could increase the risk of death.

Here's another: Leaving the table salt on the table lowers your risk.
Not necessarily! Up to 75-percent of the sodium you consume is hidden in processed foods, so check your labels, too.

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