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Wounds are one of the most common afflictions to the human body. Most are harmless but an infected wound can lead to major medical complications. Here’s a helpful health tip from U.S. HealthWorks to help you treat an infected wound.

Most wound infections are caused by bacteria. Symptoms include sustained pain, redness, swelling or pus discharge. The wound should be treated with a moist, but not wet, dressing that is changed at least daily. Proper precautions such as hand washing and using sterilized equipment will minimize the risk of further infection. The use of antibiotics, whether topical or taken orally, should be given only under direction of a physician.

If you have an infected wound or any other medical ailment requiring immediate attention, see U.S. HealthWorks Urgent Care at 3010 West Lake Road in Erie with extended hours and no appointment necessary. They accept most insurance plans as well.




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