Made In America: Advanced Finishing U.S.A.

- It's a race to the finish in this week's Made In America.
We're off to Advanced Finishing U.S.A., where powder coating means a finish that looks like denim, or leopard spots or even your company logo.
And the best part is the work is done in America, made right here.
David Belmondo reports.

Think about it, all products generally have to have some type of finish, and that's where Advanced Finishing U.S.A. excels.
They take products sent to them, and they apply the finish.

Greg Yahn, owner Advanced Finishing U.S.A., said: "That finish either improves they way they perform or the way they look, so it's a functional or ascetic finish."

Powder coating is taking metal parts and coating them with an organic, thermo set plastic powder. It's non hazardous, non toxic, non flammable. No solvents, no vapors.

Greg, "So you have a film with a computer image on it. You powder coat the part with plastic, wrap the part with film and heat it and transfer that image into the plastic.

And that is transferred into the metal.

Greg, "It's extremely durable, thicker. Paint is 1000 of an inch, powder coating can go on as thick as an 1/8 of an inch."

Powder coating started in Europe in the 1950's and made its way to America in the 1960's. For Yahn, what comes in, goes out looking much different.

Greg, "We take old rusty, greasy metal parts. They come in looking like rusty parts. They go out looking shiny, clean and nice."

All the work at Advanced Finishing U.S.A. is done in their Fairview shop, and Yahn knows the importance of keeping it local.

Greg, "We're family and take care of our people. It's important to do the right thing for the people and the community. It's an American fundamental. The family unit is the base."

Earl Fisher, plant supervisor, "We're depending on the next guy to give us work. If they make it here and we can cover it here, keep it here, it's a great thing for everybody, because everybody has a job."

Made In America

Made In America

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