Made in America: Campbell Pottery

- The tiny town of Cambridge Springs boasts one of the biggest studio potters in the Unites States.
Campbell Pottery is sold in more than 400 stores across the nation.
It's sought after pottery, Made in America, made right here.

It's hard to believe that a beautiful piece of pottery like the ones made at Campbell Pottery, start with powder, the finest powder from mines across the Unites States.
That powder is mixed together to make clay, which is squeezed into tube like pieces, pieces that will soon be made into beautiful pottery.

Bill Campbell, owner Campbell Pottery, said: "We make everything from lamps to dinnerware to vases to all kinds of stuff. Some of it's very decorative, some of it is just functional."

Bill Campbell owns the pottery shop and nearby store.
He had a dream more than 30 years ago, a dream that grew into what Campbell Pottery is today.

Bill, "I came out here with the idea that I would be one potter, sitting at the potters wheel with a small kiln, things went along and kind of got out of hand."

Of course a good problem to have.
Skilled workers take the clumps of clay and depending on what's being made, form the piece.
In this case, a platter takes shape.
Other workers smooth the clay to insure the finished product is a perfect piece of Campbell pottery.

Bill, "These people have a certain amount of skill and without the skill I'm lost. Given a chance we can compete on any level. The thing about being made here and in Cambridge Springs is we can control the quality of the product that we sell to our client."

Campbell knows that making his product here, instead of overseas, means perfection; and he's not about to change that.

Bill Campbell, "We've been approached a number of times to have our stuff made in Mexico or China. I just throw those away."

Made in America

Made in America

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