Made In America, Made Right Here

- When you think of concrete, chances are you don’t think of polished counter tops and custom made sinks. Or counter tops that have hidden L-E-D lights, or tops that glow in the dark.

Well, that’s what Concrete Craft Creations in Erie makes everyday, and some of this concrete furniture will make you say, “how did do that?”

Nicholas Hutchinson is the owner of Concrete creations and uses crushed bottles, crushed mirrors and crushed wine bottles in his mix. He also uses sand from Presque Isle that has shells in the mix.
Once this mix is poured and polished, you would never know it’s concrete, a material that will last just about forever.

Some of the concrete creations look like leather, or snakeskin. An outside table looks so much like wood, you can’t tell the difference. The business also makes sinks that look like old wine barrels.

And the best part of it all is they’re all Made in America, made right here.

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