Made In America: Designs In Iron

- This Made In America is a story of how a small business owner found a niche and ran with it.

Doug Walczak does decorative welding and with each flash of the welder, a piece of art is created.

And every piece of steel he puts on his creations is Made In America, made right here.

Doug Walezak gets fired up when he works on his pieces of iron art.

He takes pieces of wrought iron, or brass, or aluminum and twists and turns the metal until his artwork takes the shape he invisions.

Walzak owns Designs In Iron.

His work can be seen on houses and apartments around the area, and the United States.
From custom gates to furniture to headboards, Walczak put it all together.

He starts with an artist’s vision.

The metal is cut to size and Walczak's hands take over.

Once a piece is complete, it goes to the sandblasting room to remove any burrs and prepare the metal for paint.

Once the paint had dried, Walczak makes his creation look the part.

And yes, he's proud of keeping it here in the USA.

Thoughts echoed by his son Doug Junior, who also believes Made In America is the fuel that keeps America running.

He plans on keeping it that way.

And of course plans to keep it.Made in America

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