Made In America: Erie Tool & Forge

- If you own a c-clamp, chances are it was made in Springboro. Erie tool and forge makes them by the thousands, each one made in America, made right here.Robert Richardson takes pride in what his business makes by the thousands every day. His company specializes in c-clamps, from small to large. 55% of the business is dedicated to c-clamps. And Richardson says quality has to be number one. The best steel is used, it's ready after it turns a red hot, right around 2 thousand degrees. Now its ready to take shape of a clamp.

When they leave the plant, Richardson knows that c-clamp is the best of the best. Its made in America and that’s what makes them that way. “the Chinese products on the average won't pull test as well as ours, cosmetically they look pretty good but the quality is not as good in the material”.

Kent Hascall is sales manager for 35 years.
He says his customers will only buy American “The ones that we sell to only want made in the USA”.

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