MADE IN AMERICA: Fluid Engineering & TM filtration

- JULY 6, 2014-- This weeks Made in America stops at Fluid Engineering and TM filtration, an Erie company that manufactures products for commercial, industrial and other applications in liquid straining and gas filtration technologies. The products are used around the world, but made in America, made right here. Carl Steiner is CEO of Fluid Engineering and TM Filtration. A company that’s been in business since 1976, it does pre filtration of water coming off the lake, and also has equipment at the waste water treatment plant to name a few. Even zoo's around the world utilize these filters. The automatic self cleaning strainer is one of the more popular systems manufactured. The company manufactures simplex, duplex, "y" strainers and cone strainers. They also provide equipment for the rapidly growing air and gas filtration markets. That’s why made in America is so important to Steiner. He can keep a close eye on quality control and can answer his customer’s questions directly. The company's products are sold in 78 countries in 6 continents.

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