Made In America: Fortius Arms

- Fortius Arms is a business that designs and builds firearms and they're all made in America, made right here.

Chris Mioduszewski doesn’t have far to go when it comes to traveling to work, he heads to his basement where his skill and craftsmanship abound. Mioduszewski is president and the workforce behind Fortius Arms, builders of custom and semi custom handguns and rifles. Mioduszewski says this about his craft “We would sit down and talk about design ideas and how you want it to look. What caliber gun that you want what function you want, what’s your use for it, for conceal and carry, for self defense or competition, or maybe as a heirloom to pass down to other generations”.

Then they go into design and model it, the computer will allow them to manipulate the design before making anything. He added that “Once we get the raw forging in house we'll machine them to fit all the other components. There was no machining, none of these grooves, none of the holes, none of these parts they were all blank.”.

That’s the difference between a custom gun and a production gun. And it’s not only handguns made at Fortius riffles are also made here and of course quality is number one.

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