Made in AmERIca: Industrial Sales and Manufacturing 9/15/13

- In this week's Made in America, we visit Industrial Sales and Manufacturing in Millcreek where those three words "Made in America" mean so much.

Forty-six years ago, Jim Rutkowski began to manufacture machine parts from his garage. A drill press was all he had, but it was all he needed.
Over the years, his company expanded to what it is today, a multi-million dollar premier manufacturer and supplier of quality machined, fabricated and assembled components.
They also are working with the John Kanzius Foundation to build the cancer fighting machine invented by the late John Kanzius.

Jim Rutkowski Sr., Industrial Sales and Manufacturing, said: "When John came to us and said he had a vision to find a cure for cancer. His asked us to contribute by helping to build equipment."

He also enjoys the fact that the products his work force puts out daily are used around the world but made in America, made right here in Erie.

Jim Sr., "It keeps our people in Erie working, making a good living and being proud of what we make and say this is what is made in America."

ISM offers a full range of services in addition to machining. Services like fabricating and assembling, welding and milling to name a few.
And it's the quality of these products and dedicated workforce that others pay attention to.

Charlie Rutkowski, plant manager, said: "A lot of companies that were overseas are bringing products back to the U.S. because we do build things better in this country, especially in Erie."

Charlie, "The most important thing about us being made in America, we're one of the few countries where you have the freedom to make what you want, and do what you want. We have that ability as a free market."

Jim Rutkowski Jr., general manager, said: "We're controlled by our own free spirit, and our own will. Our will to make things for customers and be able to produce the best products in the workd."

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