Made In America: Jarecki Valves

- This week’s made in America takes us to Jarecki Valves in Fairview, where ball valves have kept this in operation for nearly 50 years. Every one of the valves out of this business is made in America made right here.
Jarecki Vales is one company involved in a lot of businesses, from the chemical industry to gas and oil, to the power industry, Jarecki manufactures just what they need.

The forging come from New York, Cleveland and Houston. There are several parts in these ball joints and the talent of the workers is crucial when putting these valves together.

Bob Kolsack, who started the company came up with the phantom port ball, its different from other ball valves, a unique, patented idea. This American made business started doing work for Hammermill in the late 60's and 70's and that's how Jarecki got involved in the ball valve industry.

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