Made in America: Laser Tool and Plastics


APRIL 27, 2014-- This week’s Made in America takes us to Laser Tool and Plastics in Saegertown where they cater to the worldwide market, but make sure all their products are made in America, made right here. Laser Tool and Plastics owner and president, Chris Minnis, knows that quality counts, and makes sure that every product that leaves his business is made the best it can be. Laser Tool and Plastics caters to the worldwide market and focuses on a segment of injection molding that requires the finest skills and the latest technology. This company builds other peoples products. Workers build the molds exactly to the customer’s specifications. From the start, workers grind and polish the steel until the mold is complete. The products produced require a skilled workforce. Laser Tool and Plastics does a lot of work for the dental school industry. They produce the jaws, gums and mechanical parts that dental students train on. Another product made at Laser Tool and Plastics is a part for garage door openers, they put out a half million a year.

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