Made In America: Precise Plastics

- It's a Made In America that's as clear as glass.
We headed to Precise Plastics in Fairview where geometric windows are made.
It's a revolutionary window system that installs in under an hour and they're made in America, made right here.

David Belmondo has the story:

Greg Farrell knows what it's like to lose business to another country. It happened to him.

Greg Farrell said: "After you find out everything is leaving and people are taking all this business and moving to Mexico. We were molding a lot of water meter stuff and it went to Mexico for assembly. All molding went down there and we lost all that business."

But Farrell isn't the type of guy who throws up his arms and calls it quits.
He needed to have his own product.

Greg, "So that's when we came up with the other idea, the window that fits between your studs."

It's a window system that installs between existing studs with hundreds of configurations available.

Greg, "The homeowner may look at his house and say 'that's a dark corner, I'd like to bring natural light in.' You can pop a hole in the wall and bring the light in and be done in an hour, or you can build a big window like that."

With these geometric windows, there is no framing.

Greg, "You don't have to re-frame your wall, don't have to fix drywall, don't have to repaint. Everything is done in an hour, one window."

Of course all the work on these windows is done at Precise Plastics.
Workers also make high tolerance electrical connectors and equipment for medical cabinets as well.
But the geometric windows are Farrell's baby.

Greg, "We have cathedral, left and right eyebrow and erectable and you can make many configurations."

Ferrell says he wants his products made in America, and knows that keeping jobs here is a two way street.

Greg, "Well they're supporting my family too. It goes both ways. I support them, they support us. It's a two way street.

And the employees feel the same way.
Keep these jobs here.

Tyler Kulp, press operator, said: "wake up every morning, we come in and do our jobs and go home and have job security every day.".

Made in America

Made in America

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