Made in America: Recap Mason Jars

- November 17, 2013 - An Erie woman wanted a lid to pour her salad dressing from, after all pouring from a mason jar was sloppy and dressing got all over.

So, Karen Rzepecki came up with an idea that not only worked for her salad dressing, it worked for just about anything.

They’re called recap mason jars, and yes, they're made in America, made right here.

“That was my ah-ha moment, to come up with a pour cap for mason jars,” said Rzepecki.

And that’s just what Karen Rzepecki did, but not just for pouring.

The plastic recap mason jars can be used for everything from shaking, pouring to storing, to even making a mason jar into a piggy bank.

Karen came up with the idea for a specialty designer cap for mason jars and wasted no time in trying to secure funding for her unique idea.

And the rest is recap Mason jar history.

Karen works out of two locations, McCarty Printing where she labels, packs and ships her product, and Erie Molded handles the production.

Ten thousand caps are made a month.

Jon Waley is one of 3 part time employees who work for Rzepecki and knows that made here is the way it is.

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