MADE IN AMERICA: Seaway Manufacturing

- JUNE 15, 2014-- This week's Made in America is clear as glass. Seaway Manufacturing has been doing business in our area for 55 years. Their replacement windows are known throughout the industry as a quality built product that's Made in America, made right here. The folks at Seaway Manufacturing have a little saying, "windows are like adding a furniture quality add-on to the house.” Seaway manufacturing is a family owned business celebrating 55 years of manufacturing quality replacement windows. They ship their product to 20 different states. Jana Goodrich is president of seaway and says a lot has changed, and for the better, since the company began. The glass is made in Ohio, resin for the vinyl comes from Texas, and all of the sunroom components are made regionally. A skilled workforce makes and assembles the frames and windows. A structural silicone is used to wet glaze the glass into the sashes. A final inspection to make sure all is perfect before wrapping and sending. Goodrich says that her workforce is trained to be the best. Even in the slow season, she's able to retain and train her workers. 

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