Made In America: The Ribbon Factory

- For this weeks Made in America we traveled to Titusville’s Horn Textile which does business as The Ribbon Factory,
This business manufactures ribbon by the miles every day and it's been that way for more than 100 years, and every inch of the ribbon is Made in America, made right here.

It's just one of those things you might not think about, how is ribbon made?
We'll we wondered that and headed to Titusville based Horn Textile.

Horn is a family owned and operated business. Dave Steinbuhler's grandfather Charlie Horn started the business in New York City in 1875 and then moved the business to Titusville in 1897.

On our tour Zach Steinbuhler a 6th generation family member at the Rbbon Factory explained what they do “We manufacture narrow fabrics, grow grains, satins, more decorative ribbons. We do webbing, cotton tapes, we sell to the medical industry and military”.

His grandfather Dave Steinbuhler keeps a close eye on the hundreds of strings that eventually make the ribbon or webbing material “It's pulling 500 - 800 ends, called an end. Nylon, polyester different kinds all are put onto a big beam. You have a bunch of different ends. Different strings, those are run thru creels here. They're then a warper then all the different ends are woven around the warper woven tight. Then it's upstairs to the looms where it all comes together.

There are miles and miles of ribbons also bow tie ribbons and awareness loops for different charities. And every one of them is made right here, made in America....

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