Add Snowshoes to Your Next Hike

    Taking a hike on the glistening snow covered trails at Erie Bluffs State Park can be a great experience, and an even better one when you do it with snow shoes.

    "It's a fun sport that puts a little different twist on a typical hike you would usually go out on," environmental education specialist at Presque Isle State Park Ray Bierbower said.

    He says even though snowshoeing is a nice change of pace for a regular hike, he says the sport can be a little tricky.

    "These do take a little bit of learning how to walk with them, because you have to keep your feet apart so you want to stay shoulder width apart. But if you have snow, helps you guide them along properly," Bierbower said.

    Learning how to use the shoes can take a little time. But the effort can pay off.

    "It is a little bit more exercise," Bierbower says. "That's the big thing...getting out and getting the exercise from that because it is a little bit more work."

    With a hike coming up just around the corner, there's no better time to put the new snowshoes to use and have a fun work out.

    Park officials say they have 50 new pairs of snow shoes that they're hoping to use for the hike. If the trail is not covered in a substantial amount of snow (snowshoes work best with at least about a foot of snow, Bierbower says), the hike will still take place, just without the use of snow shoes.
    The hike is on Saturday, January 26, 2012 from 10:00am to noon at Erie Bluffs State Park. The event is free and perfect for all ages. Be sure to get there early, as snow shoes are given out on a first come first serve basis.

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