Day At The Beach 07/13/12

There are so many amazing things to do at Presque Isle State Park, especially off the beaten path.


Jill McCormick shows us a way everyone can explore the lagoons in this Day at the beach.


The lagoons at Presque Isle are beautiful this time of year. And now you can check out the lagoons by kayak, canoe or paddle.


"We just go for a paddle thru the lagoons and talk about anything and everything we see"    


These guided eco-paddles offer you a chance to see and learn about the wildlife in the lagoons up close.



"Cause you can drift through. A lot of the animals are used to the kayaks, and if you're not making any noise the fish come up right underneath you."     



"And thanks to a donation by Highmark, more people are going to be able to tour by kayak."



"It gives everybody an opportunity to share the great outdoors and with the kayaks experience the same things"


The donation allowed the park to buy a trailer for kayaks, and they were able to purchase a kayak made specifically for people with special needs.



"They're more comfortable when they're in the boat and it's a safer thing for them as well. And it's easier for us to get them in there and not about them being safe. They can get in and start paddling along with us."


Allowing everyone a chance to experience the lagoons.


"It's a healthier lifestyle. It prevents illness by being active and it's an easier way to exercise"


Everyone is invited to the eco-paddle. You can bring your own equipment, or rent equipment at the Presque Isle Canoe and Boat Livery for a small fee.


With this Day At The Beach, I'm Jill McCormick.


There are two tours coming up.

The first is the Starry Night Lagoon Kayak Tour on Wednesday July 18th at seven p.m.  

The cost is five dollars.


The second tour is scheduled for Saturday July 21st at 9 a.m.

This morning eco-paddle is free of charge. Rental fees only apply at the livery.


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