PI 365 11/23

November 23rd, 2012

There is a perfect opportunity this weekend to get you in the mood to hit the slopes.

Jill McCormick explains in this PI 365.


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            Ski season is around the corner and the Erie Ski Club is hoping to get everyone excited with what's becoming an Erie tradition, bring Warren Miller's 63rd annual ski show to the big green screen at the TREC, Called Flow State.


Mark Signorino said:

"Warren Miller does some unusual titles this year, fantastic footage shot last year, production over the summer and it's shown in the U.S. to get people ready for the upcoming ski season."


It's an amazing movie that was shot all around the world.


"There are many locations around the world, places in New Zealand and some scenes in the Artic Circle this year."


This is a special showing, only Friday and Saturday nights at 7pm and Sunday at 1pm on the big green screen.


Some money goes towards the Erie Special Olympics and helps offset some costs for the Erie Ski Club.

It also gets everyone excited about hitting the slopes.


"It's absolutely amazing, the past two years on DVD, this year Blue Ray makes the movie that much better. Most people who've seen a ski movie enhance the experience this year."


Now that Thanksgiving is past, ski season is near.


"I'm hoping that everyone gets excited for ski season. December 1st we can look forward to snow."


Or even earlier than that, on the big green screen.


With this PI 365 I'm Jill McCormick.


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