PI 365 1/25/13 Frostbite Open

January 25th, 2013

Presque Isle Bay is hosting a unique winter event for those who love a warm weather sport.

Jessica Starr has more on a special golf event in this week's PI 365.



Attention golf fanatics! No need to wait for warm weather! The Joe Root's Frostbite Open is coming to Presque Isle Bay!


John DeMarco, "Frostebite Open" organizer:

"It is a nine-hole, par 3, golf course hosted on Presque Isle Bay."


Don't let winter stop you from enjoying your favorite sport.


John: "Everyone thinks Presque Isle, summertime, beach, sun, so this is a way for people to get out in the middle of winter and do something a little different. Get off the couch, dust off the old golf clubs and swing a few with the crew."


Spots are still available for the February 17th event.


John: "We're trying to get 100 to 200 people to sign up."


The fee for your game, benefits you down the road by improving Presque Isle sites and upcoming events.


John: "Like all of the events that the Presque Isle Partnership puts on, it goes back into the park to help fund projects."


Each member of your foursome will get three colored logo golf balls, as well as a premium gift, followed by dinner.


John: "A free dinner at Joe Roots' Grille after the event, which Elmer at Joe Roots' always does something extravagant, won't disappoint people. A nice hot meal is always a great thing after being out in the cold."



Yourerie.com has the link you'll need to get more details on the Joe Root's "Frostbite Open!"


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