PI-365 2/16/13 All Washed Up

February 16th, 2013

Imagine finding artifacts from centuries ago, while walking along the beaches of Presque Isle.
In this week's PI-365, Jessica Starr takes us on a journey called All Washed Up.

A unique two-part program is coming to the shores of Presque Isle on February 23rd.
Brian Gula, environmental educator, said: "Many of us enjoy the beach in many ways; we like to walk along the beach."

But what appears to be an every day shell, may turn out to be a timeless treasure.
Gula: "There's a story behind everything, and we're going to bring that story to you."

The first part of the program is informative.

Gula: "If you have something laying around that you just don't know what it is and you'd like some clarification, bring it in for the program. We are also going to display items that we found over the years along Presque Isle."

Some of the items are fossils that are thousands of years old.

Gula: "This gives us a window of the vast array of things that go on in lake Erie's past."

Jessica Starr, yourerie.com, said: "The second part of the program is out on the beach where you'll walk and look for artifacts. Interpreters will be on hand to help you determine what you've found."

Gula: "Folks can meet me at Barracks Beach. I'm gonna take them for a walk on the beach and look for items and identify anything that has washed up."

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