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March 29th, 2013

The fox and the coyote both roam Presque Isle State Park.
So back by popular demand, there's another campfire focusing on these mysterious neighbors of ours.
The coyote and the fox.

Ray Bierbower, environmental educator, says: "Here at Presque Isle we're lucky enough to have them in close proximity to each other."

People are intrigued by these animals.
Bierbower, "The animals have a lot of controversy. They get a bad rap, but they're essential to the environment."

Back in January, this program was so popular the park is holding another campfire talk April 3rd at the Rotary Pavillion.

Bierbower, "Have a warm beverage, sit in front of the campfire and hear facts and myths about both and our experience with them here at the park and how we manage them at the park as well."

The fox is a bit more subtle than the coyote.

Bierbower, "We have a breeding pair on the park and they just had kits."

The coyote is bold, and you may just have a real coyote experience.

Bierbower, "Everybody wants to see them. We have called them in using electronic game calls at times."

Bierbower, "It's kind of a neat sound to hear, especially walking along and all of a sudden, they're close by."

Bierbower, "One of the best parts about this program is for the kids, and it's a hands on approach. They'll get to feel some of the replica pelts."

Bierbower, "We have pelts and skulls to look at of both the coyote and fox to pass around."

Registration is required and space is limited. You can call the park office to sign up.

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