PI 365: Free Pontoon Tours

May 24, 2013,

If you've lived here for years and never taken a pontoon boat tour through the lagoons of Presque Isle, now's the chance to see nature's beauty in a new way.

Captain Gene Polaski is one of the volunteer pontoon boat tour guides for the park. He drives the "Swamp Crawler" and takes people of all ages on the pontoon tours.

Memorial Day weekend is the kick off for the tours. You can sign up at the Pontoon Boat Station starting at 10 a.m. for daily rides at 11, 1 and 2.

Your tour guide will tell you about some of the history of Presque Isle Bay, and point out different animals and scenes along the way. There will be animal pelts and artifacts to pass around on the boat. People from around the world have taken this tour, and the feedback has been fantastic. Captain Gene has some fun educating the youngest riders, teaching owl calls under the bridge, so the kids can hear their calls echo under the bridge.

For more information, you can contact the Tom Ridge Environmental Center: 814-833-5049.

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