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November 9th, 2012

A new adventure is set to take place in the wildes of Presque Isle State Park.

Jill McCormick has the details in tonight's PI 365.


            Birding is a popular summertime activity, but it's a whole new experience during the fall and winter.

            And here's your chance to be a part of a growing trend.

Brian Gula:

"Birding is very popular. One time I found a statistic saying that there were as many birders as NFL fans.


This tour at Preque Isle offers a unique approach to birding, by car.


"Im gonna have visitors follow me around. We're gonna stop at some different locations, stop at some different habitats to see what species of birds are here this time of year.


And this time of year offers an ever changing landscape when it comes to bird watching.



"This time of year there are a lot of birds migrating through. There's a lot of water fowl specials so it depends on the type of habitat, and as we drive around well be able to see all the different types of habitats that we have on Presque Isle along the bay shore, in some of the wetlands and sidewalk trail.


Some of the stops will require you to get out of the car for a short walk, so dress for the weather.

With this PI 365 I'm Jill McCormick.


There is no fee or registration required. Just meet at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center on Saturday November 18th at nine am.

            You do need your own car or be in a carpool to take part.


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