Practicing Correct Protocol At Presque Isle State Park

November 2nd, 2012

Animal owners beware. You need to practice park protocol at Presque Isle State Park.


((Take pkg))


Presque Isle State Park is one of the best spots to take the family dog for a walk. But not everyone follows the leave no trace rules.


Stacey Marendt:

"You have to pick up after your dog and what makes it easy we provide the bags here to use."


Since putting these stands in place with free doggie bags, park officials have seen an increase in bagged waste.



"We do notice people use them. We find them where they belong, in the trash case where they belong"


"The park has made it easy to dispose of the animal waste throw it in the trash"


The idea is if you clean up after your pet, you protect not only your animal but those that call the park home as well.


"Its important you pick up your dogs waste because it can carry disease and other animals east and contract disease"


And even though we are heading into the cold season at the park, cleaning up is more important than you think.


"It doesn't matter the season, we still have to pick up. Dog owners know come spring it still might be there still pick that up"


So take care of your pet and the park. And follow the leave no trace principles.


With this PI 365, I'm Jill McCormick.


            The park also offers classes called canine trots.

            The classes included a guided walk and.. tick identification and skunk encounters.

            There is a class scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10-a-m.

            It's free and dogs are encouraged to attend.








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