Presque Isle 3/22/13

March 22nd, 2013

It's still cold outside, but here in Erie, we love our beaches.
There's a beach bash coming up to get the kids outside and into the fresh spring air.
Jessica Starr has this week's PI-365.

Don't let the cold weather stop you from taking the kids to explore Presque Isle's beaches.
It's the perfect spring break activity for kids ages 6 through 12.

Emily Hauser, environmental educator, says: "We have a program entitled 'Beach Bash' where we'll be doing beach ecology."

Everything from beach plants to animals will be part of the Beach Bash on March 27th.

Emily: "Specifically, Lake Erie fish as well as critters that visit the beach like coyotes and raccoons."

Jessica Starr,, says: "This spring weather may still be a little chilly, but there are treasures found all year long on Presque Isle Bay."

Emily: "Of course we have our beach glass. A lot of people pick up rocks and it's a fossil, usually coral, left here from when the area was surrounded by sea water."

This will be a hands-on, outdoor activity.

Emily: "There's so much going on. We'll do activities, maybe some games and take home crafts."

Registration is required. The Beach Bash is free.

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