Presque Isle 365 1/12/13

January 12th, 2013

The Camp Fire Series at Presque Isle Park is a visitor favorite.

Once a month at the rotary pavilion, the campfire gets going, and people come from all over to listen to the educational talks.

Jet 24's Jessica Starr has more in this PI-365.


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Gather around the campfire. Two of Presque Isle's most interesting animals, are the focus of this campfire series.

John Laskos, environmental educator at Presque Isle, said:

"Coming up on January 18th, we're going to be talking a bit about the coyotes and foxes on Presque Isle and how they interact with each other and their roll in our eco system."


The interactive program allows people to ask questions and take a hands-on approach to the presentation.

Laskos said: "This is a pelt, or a skin of a coyote and we like to use this to show people, especially small children, how thick the fur is and the different colors."


Along with a nature lesson, comes a chance to spend time with family in an educational setting.

Laskos said: "Some families use it as a good reason for get together. We will be serving hot beverages."


So grab some warm blankets and head to Presque Isle State Park to learn more about our area's coyotes and foxes, while you on sip hot coco by the campfire.

Jessica Starr, Jet 24, Action News.


The campfire is January 18th at 7pm at the rotary pavilion. Cost is just two dollars.


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