Presque Isle 365 2/09/13

February 9th, 2013

Interested in exploring the interior trails of Presque Isle after dark?
How about some daytime winter recreation activities?
There's something for everyone as Jessica Starr explains in this week's PI 365.

Emily Hauser, Environmental Educator, said: "This upcoming week at Presque Isle State Park we have a couple of opportunities to get people out and about in the winter weather."

Winter recreation on Presque Isle has several fun events, including two ski programs.
Hauser: "One: a ski after dark program on Tuesday where people can come with their own equipment as well as a headlight and enjoy Presque Isle after dark on their skis."

The second is cross country skiing.

Hauser: "Cross country skiing, once you get the basics down, is really a relaxing and wonderful sport. Out here at Presque Isle we have wonderful trails for it."

Cross country skiing is a big draw on Presque Isle.

Hauser: "Pretty much any age and about any physical level can cross country ski."

Saturday will be a day of fun for families.

Hauser: "We're having a winter recreation day where we'll have multiple activities going on, cross country skiing as well as snowshoeing and ice fishing."

And whether you're a beginner or advanced skier, there's something for you.

Hauser: "For our after dark ski on Tuesday, if you have your own equipment you're going to have more of an experience doing it and all that's required is to come out. But on Saturday, we will offer ski rentals through our concessions, so come out, learn the basics and give it a try."

For PI 365, I'm Jessica Starr .

If you'd like to attend, meet at the Presque Isle lighthouse parking lot before 6:30pm.
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