Presque Isle 365 3/15/13

March 15th, 2013

To compliment the Perry 200 here in Erie, there are 2 events coming up at the Perry Monument.

The Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812 is part of Presque Isle's extraordinary history.
So on March 23, two programs will take place.
Ray Bierbower, environmental educator, says: "The first is 'Contruction of Perry's Fleet.'"

At 10am you'll learn about the key players and how they built the ships, including the Niagra.
Presque Isle played a role in how the British were eventually defeated.

Bierbower: "This is the safe harbor that protected the fleet from the British as they had control of Lake Erie during that time."

Danielle Woods,, says: "With Perry Monument as a backdrop, it's a perfect place to learn what life as a sailor was like in 1812."

Bierbower: "During the war, all the daily activities that these sailors went through from food to managing ships to tasks that they had to do."

At 1pm you'll hear the sailor stories and see artifacts.

Bierbower: "Their sailors bag and authentic clothing that they would've worn during that time."

No registration is required. Meet at the Perry Monument March 23 and enjoy both the "Construction of Perry's Fleet," and "The Life of a Sailor."

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