Presque Isle 365 4/12/13 Spring Clean-up

April 12th, 2013

We all love and enjoy Presque Isle State Park and there's a way for us to give back by helping with some spring cleaning.

It's time for Presque Isle's 57th annual spring clean-up.

As we get spring cleaning done at home, it's just as important to help out at the state park.

Unwanted debris from storms and wind have left the area littered and some visitors who aren't so careful with how they throw away trash create the need for a spring clean-up.

Stacey Marendt, environmental educator, says: "One thing is the aesthetics. We don't want to drive around the park and see trash. When we want to see wild life and nature, trash doesn't fit in with that scene."

Trash also harms the wildlife. So on Saturday, April 20th, you have the opportunity to give back.
Meet at the rotary pavilion from 9am to 1pm to help with some spring cleaning.

Stacey, "The Sons of Lake Erie are providing lunch, hot dogs and chips and drinks to those who help pick up litter."

It's a great reminder to care for our parks.

Stacey, "At all picnic tables and pavilions we have places to put regular trash and also places to recycle."

Materials for clean up will be provided, and you'll be assigned a location. Service hours are also available for students.
And there's even an incentive to make the spring clean-up fun - there will be a prize awarded for the most unusual piece of trash found.

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