Presque Isle 365 5/31/13

May 31st, 2013

The beaches of Presque Isle are frequented by locals, and visited by people around the world.
There are some ins and outs of beach knowledge that can keep us safe on a visit. Jessica Starr has details in this week's PI 365.

Steve Dunsmore, Lake Erie lifeguard manager, said: "We have a lot of beautiful beaches at PI. We get a lot of visitors, and we like to encourage the public to have fun but to do it safely."

Right now, all of the major beaches are open, and in the next few weeks the rest will open.
Lifeguards want people to remember to apply sunscreen regularly, stay hydrated and seek shade now and then. Also, swim at the guarded beaches and not in unguarded areas.

Dunsmore, "All the beaches that are guarded are marked with cones and with buoys and swim markers."

Those waters are also checked daily for your safety. Life guards encourage you to come to them for anything you may need.

Dunsmore, "Lifeguards are there to help answer the public's questions. If it's your first time out at the beach, talk to a lifeguard to find out the rules and regulations."

Jessica Starr,, said: "As you head into the entrance of the park, you'll see signs. these signs let you know any advisories posted for the day."

Dunsmore, "Any warnings for water quality are also posted on our website, and people can call the lifeguard headquarters or the Tom Ridge Center for phone updates as well."

Whether visitors or regulars, lifeguards want you to have a great time but be safe doing it.

Dunsmore, "Presque Isle is a great place. It has a lot to offer, and we want everybody to come and enjoy the park and leave it just like they came."

For PI-365 I'm Jessica Starr.

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