Presque Isle 365: Night hikes

February 1st, 2013

Presque Isle Bay has its monthly night hike coming up on February 8th.
Jessica Starr takes us to Presque Isle for details on what you'll see on the hike, in this week's PI-365.

Just because it's cold out, doesn't mean Presque Isle's beauty can't be seen and heard, especially on a night hike.

Ray Bierbower, Environmental Education Specialist, said: "We pick trails that have something going on with mother nature. So this time of year, we focus on owl activity. Last year rewarded us very well with screech owls as well as great horned owls, so we're hoping to find, then hear them calling back and forth."

The trail is a great place to spot other animals as well this time of year.
Ray: "The coyotes have been howling a lot on the park, so we've heard them and some deer."

The hike starts at 7pm, so it's early enough to be a very kid-friendly event.

Ray: "We get a lot of scouts, especially a lot of kids come out and enjoy it; we also put them in charge of some special equipment."

Jessica Starr,, said: "When night falls, hikers will take to these trails, and hikers can use night vision goggles."

Ray: "We have night vision and thermals. This time of year it's cold enough, everything cools down, so it depends on how big the crowd is. We pass those around and let everyone try using them."

It's free to participate and no registration is required, just dress for the weather.

Ray: "We meet at the East Pier parking lot and we'll go on our hike."

Head over to for more information on this week's PI 365 event.

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