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February 25th, 2013

The Presque Isle lighthouse is one of our town's greatest treasures on the lake.
The program is called Outside the Window.

On the shores of Presque Isle is a lighthouse we've all seen, but few of us have been inside.

Emily Hauser, environmental instructor, said: "Currently one of our assistant park managers is living in the light house and that is how the light house is run."

A private residence, but historical grounds, meant to be explored.
Hauser: "We are opening the lighthouse 2 times in March for the public. The first is for preschoolers."

On March 1st, the little ones will get to do arts and crafts while they learn about the lighthouse.

Hauser: "They'll be inside in the oil room, historically where the keeper would've had his office and kept the night supply of oil."

The second date is March 9th, open to everyone.

Hauser: "Get a tour of the grounds. But also come inside and climb the 78 iron steps we have and get a wonderful view of Presque Isle and the beach."

Jessica Starr,, said: "Visitors to the lighthouse will tour the grounds and learn historical and fun facts including that the lighthouse shines 16 miles out into the lake."

Hauser: "It was built 50 years before roads even came to Presque Isle."

And see how the lighthouse has changed over time.

Hauser: "We're gonna be talking about the traditional light that was up on the tower which was glass. Today it is run by electric and fully automated."

Registration is required for both events.

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