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Dave Demby:  Owner 'David's Landscaping and Design'

david-house1.jpgDave has been operating farm equipment since he was 10 years old. One of his first jobs was working for a landscaper. Dave has worked on farms and has driven heavy equipment all of his life. Dave studied landscape design at Mercyhurst College as well as having hands on experience in this field. Even during off hours he enjoys horticulture and all aspects of it. The designs created by Dave are unique and artistic. He not only creates a design for your property but he is also on site to make sure the design's installation is done correctly. Anyone can draw a 'pretty picture' but the slopes, grades, soil types etc. and so on dictate the design installation process. This business is Dave's passion. He will be there to make sure that everything is installed correctly. Dave wants to know his customers on a one to one basis. In this day and age when personal service is lacking we are bringing it back... and at a reasonable price. THAT YOU CAN DEPEND ON. 

david-house2.jpgWe provide Landscaping and Hardscaping Design and Installation Services for the Northwestern Pennsylvania area. We will Service and Install as far West as Cleveland, Ohio, East as Buffalo, South as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and all of Erie County, New York.

david-house3.jpgOur business will always use the best in materials. We select the perfect products from all local vendors for your home or business. Our designs, whether foundation plantings, raised beds, outdoor structures, retaining walls, pavers, or a complete landscape installation, will complement your home or office

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I look forward to working with you to create the landscape of your dreams.


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