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Foulk's Flooring America is "going green"

As part of their commitment to their customer Foulk's Flooring America is 'going green" with the launch of its new environmental program, Green Select.  With this new initiative, Flooring America will offer its customers floor coverings made from recyclable materials and sustainable, natural resources.  Products that meet specific Green Select criteria will be highlighted with Green Select labels.  Staff will be educated about green-product offerings enabling them to provide expert advice and guidance to eco-conscious consumers.  Mike Foulk notes that green-product offerings and criteria will be constantly re-evaluated and updated based on industry and technological advances.  

Foulk's Flooring America is also developing business practices designed to enhance conservation efforts and reduce resource utilization on a daily basis.  "While we will not be able to completely eliminate all waste, we can use our resources wisely, efficiently, and responsibly."  Mike Foulk points out that "green" is an ever-evolving concept.  But we are committed to taking the necessary steps to make a positive impact on the environment in whatever way we can.  It is part of our commitment to our customer everyday!