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Hertel & Brown Physical and Aquatic Therapy?s high quality rehabilitation services focus on the life goals and aspirations of each individual we serve. We are committed to providing individualized treatment plans and innovative methods of therapy to help each individual overcome their special challenges and set of circumstances. The results? Successful patient outcomes and an improved quality of life. Getting our patients back to living is what we?re all about!

Aquatic Therapy uses the properties of water to achieve therapeutic benefits that are not available with traditional land-based therapy. Aquatic therapy can enhance, restore, and maintain a person?s functional abilities. When one of our skilled Physical Therapists designs a personalized aquatic therapy program, they take into account these four benefits: 

  • Resistance - provides resistance on all planes of motion to increase strength, endurance and balance
  • Heat - 97? heated water in the pool increases your joint range of motion and relaxes the muscles
  • Hydrostatic Pressure - creates more sufficient blood flow therefore decreasing swelling
  • Buoyancy - less strain is put on the joints due to decreased gravitational pull
Aquatic Therapy is beneficial for many disorders, illnesses, injuries and surgeries, including back injuries, arthritis, total joint replacements, joint injuries, strokes, and many more. 

Aquatic Therapy is available at Hertel & Brown Physical & Aquatic Therapy throughout our office hours. The pool is located in a separate private room equip with a changing room and shower. Aquatic Therapy is available for any patient whether they can swim or not, one of our staff will always be with you for help and assistance.

Hertel & Brown Physical and Aquatic Therapy is dedicated to helping patients achieve their highest functional level by overcoming their physical limitations. By incorporating individual goals and needs and utilizing the most innovative and effective treatment techniques, we develop personalized treatment programs that will result in successful patient outcomes and an improved.

We have comprehensive services at each of our five locations, including the ability to treat any orthopedic disorder. In addition, each office offers a unique area of treatment specialization to best serve all our patients needs.

Five locations to serve your needs

Frontier Place Office

Specializing in Aquatic Therapy
1337 West 6th Street
Erie, PA 16505
Phone: 814.456.6000
Fax: 814.456.6060
Email: hertelbrown@yahoo.com

Summit Office at Family First Sports Park

Specializing in Sports and Aquatic Therapy
8155 Oliver Road
Erie, PA 16509
Phone: 814.866.5930
Fax: 814.868.1767

Sterrettania Office

Specializing in Neuro-Rehabilitation
2828 Sterrettania Road
Erie, PA 16506
Phone: 814.836.1970
Fax: 814.836.1965

Harborcreek Office

Specializing in Manual Therapy
4472 Buffalo Rd
Erie, PA 16510
Phone: 814.464.0660
Fax: 814.464.0663

Warren Office

Specializing in Aquatic Therapy
2 Farm Colony Dr
Warren, PA 16365
Phone: 814.406.7384
Fax: 814.406.7386