Injured Lions making a difference

Scottsdale, Ariz. - Penn State brought a plane out to Arizona, but not all the players that were on it will see the field.

Names like John Reid and Torrance brown will be missing after suffering season ending injuries early in the season.

Still, those players are out at practice, teaching techniques to their teammates and making sure they're involved in helping their fellow Lions prepare for the Huskies.

"I think that when I was playing I used to always look for ways to help guys out, little things I can help guys out with when I see them," Reid said. "That's pretty much the same thing I'm doing right now.  I see a lot more now that I'm not playing though."

Andrew Nelson missed time this season and actually had food poisoning at the begging of the week, which held him out practice. He says that always thinking of the team is what it means to be a Nittany Lion.

"It's not a 'Me' culture, it's a 'We' culture.  Whatever role a guy has, they take pride in that role, and they're going to do whatever they can to make our team successful." he said. "If that's standing out there on the sidelines coaching guys up, trying to give guys the best look on the scout team, whatever it is, guys are going to do that, they're going to do that role  to the best of their ability to help the team be successful." 

Reid has become a signal caller while his knee injury heals and Defensive Coordinator Brent Pry believes he's a better decoy signal caller than an actual signal caller.

"I feel like I should be the one doing the signals in the fourth quarter.," Reid said while laughing. "I told him that a couple of times, but he don't really want to listen to me when it comes to that."

Reid is anxious to return to playing with the team next year, and James Franklin believes that even with the injury, Reid has gotten better this year, something the cornerback agrees with completely.

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