Watkins' brother remains in prison because Sammy missed hearing

Signed bail check in question

Lee County, FL - Sammy Watkins did not attend a bail hearing for his brother Tuesday after signing a check that could have secured his release. 

As a result, Watkins' brother remains in prison

Jari McMiller was one of 21 arrested in January on racketeering charges during a crackdown on gang activity. 

Watkins signed what was initially reported to be a one million dollar check to bail out McMiller. Ian Rapoport from NFL.com later tweeted the amount was only $100,000. 

State attorneys argued that since Watkins wasn't present at the hearing, they could not be sure the money was not clean from gang activity. The judge agreed. 

The father of McMiller and Watkins, James, told the court the bail money came from the NFL. Watkins signed a 19 million dollar contract as a rookie and is expected to be paid over three million of that this year. 

Those details did trump the fact that Watkins was not in court. 

"I'm surprised we don't have Mr. Watkins here. You would think it was clear last time he should've been here," Judge Bruce Kyle said.

Kyle did not set a timetable for the bail hearing decision. McMiller is already scheduled to appear in court again in June. 


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