Cory Smith Wins EDGA Mid-Am (7-14-14)

2014 Men's Mid-Amateur
Updated: 7/15/2014 12:26 AM EDT
The Country Club of Meadville
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1Smith, Cory DEvenFEven7272144
2Deimel, Ryan J+2F+27274146
3Moore, Tim+4F+47276148
4Nicotra, Rob+5F+57277149
T5Wolfe, MikeEvenF+77972151
T5Grassi III, Ted+1F+77873151
T7Modica, Matt+3F+87775152
T7Hewett, David O+4F+87676152
9Carlotti, Rick+6F+97578153
10Noce, Mark+7F+117679155
T11Capotis, Michael+3F+148375158
T11Levinson, Jake+6F+148078158
13Marsh, Lucas+9F+157881159
14Linhart, Darin+5F+168377160
15Hirz, Geoff+10F+177982161
16Brasco Jr, Mr. Thomas+12F+187884162
T17Marsh, Levi A+9F+218481165
T17Garcia, Michael+10F+218382165
19Button, Keith+9F+238681167
20Gillette, Brian+7F+248979168
21Moylan, Matthew E+14F+268486170
22Dimitrovski, Mike+12F+298984173
23Timpano, Vincent+17F+389389182
24Santone, Guy

25Spitzer, David


Course Legend:MCC - The Country Club

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