GM School Board Member Responds following Schulz Decision (7-12-14)

General McLane school board member Amy Eisert sent JET 24/FOX 66 a statement when asked about the board's decision to not renew boys basketball coach Brian Schulz for the upcoming season.  A decision that has been criticized by much of the General McLane community.  Here is the entire statement:

As a school board member, my chief responsibility is as an advocate for public education, assuring that fairness and transparency occurs in decision making within the district that ultimately results in the best decisions for our students.

First and foremost, supplemental contracts, including coaching contracts are annual contracts. Every coaching contract is reviewed annually by the board. Mr. Schulz was not fired.

I did not vote for Brian Schulz to become the head coach for the 2013-14 season. At that time, I had concerns that the selection process did not seriously consider any other applicants. In addition and more importantly, I recognized that any coach leaving a successful program after many years of service would be leaving big shoes to fill and had concerns that a successful varsity program was being handed over to an individual with no varsity head coaching experience.

I recognize that administration brought forth the recommendation of Mr. Schulz for the 2014-2015 season. The board is not a rubber stamp. The board is presented with information and careful deliberates decision making. With the information that I was provided, I did not hear anything from administration that alleviated my initial concerns and therefore, I did not change my vote.

I will also say that as a board member at no time was I presented information regarding parent or player dissatisfaction with playing time on the basketball team. That was not a factor in my vote. I respect the enthusiasm on both sides of this issue and hope the community recognizes that we all want what is in the best interests of our current and future students. It would be great if we had the same interest and community engagement in the issues with changing academic standards, how the state budget will impact our district and new curriculums.

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